Financial Consultancy

Varhad Financial Consultancy Services (VFCS) is the research and financial consultancy services division of the Varhad Group. We have one of the best in-house research team, which has sound understanding of SMEs through clients across India. In addition, we also have 11 outsourced equity analysts from the Dalal Street with expertise on 15 sectors and offer financial advisory services.

We have published a report on the Public Procurement policy, providing market access to SMEs of INR17tn over FY14-20. VFCS is covering 90 BSE listed SME companies and 5 BSE – SME exchange listed companies.

We advise our clients through:

  • SME Research –
    VFCS, with its team, conducts an extensive primary as well as secondary research on SMEs of India with an objective to help them tap the business and financial opportunities and thus generate high returns for the investors. We also conduct bespoke research for our SME clients. We also specialise in creating specific operating modules suited for SMEs.

    • Equity Research – We would also have independent sectoral and stock specific coverage through BSE listed SMEs. (Link to research reports)
  • Outsourced CXOs –
    VFCS’s outsourced CXOs programmes have found appreciation from SMEs. In such program, industry experienced personnel is loaned out to the SMEs where it reviews and streamlines processes, identifies risks, prepares the company for professionalization and growth. The expertise lies in the finance (CFO), marketing (CMO) and operations (COO).

  • Financial consultancy –
    We provide project specific, company specific and sector specific consultancy services. We help companies expand businesses through network expansion. We also help in balance sheet strengthening and improvement in both credit and business profile of the company.