About Varhad Group

The Idea: The idea of Varhad Group was born during an animated discussion over a failed small deal between three veterans of Indian Capital market who had worked for more than a decade with multi-national Investment Banks and had travelled across Globe. They realised that existing Investment Banks are focussed on large transactions/companies and thus, smaller companies are left with limited professional and financial advisory. Thus, with an integrated approach to meet the financial needs of 31m registered micro, small and medium (MSMEs), Varhad Group was formed in April 2011.

The Name: Varhad is the part of Eastern Maharashtra and is centre of India. It is famous for cotton and oranges. It has a rich cultural heritage and history and was once the richest part of country. It was centre of independence movement of then National Congress. Our name takes inspiration from the same region as we try to be the epicentre of financial revolution for the MSMEs.

The Divisions: The integrated approach of Varhad led to formation of three entities – Varhad Investment Managers, the asset management division; Varhad Capital, the investment banking arm and Varhad Financial Consultancy Services, the financial consultancy division.