Investment Banking

Varhad Capital, the only research backed investment banking firm for SMEs in India, provides end to end service to clients for raising capital via debt, structured debt, equity, or the most suitable instrument of funding; develop new ideas and enhance shareholder value. We are also the financial advisor to Dalit Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (DICCI), which has around 1,250 members. Our services to SMEs are as follows:

  • Debt capital markets
    We intend to focus on primary as well as secondary debt capital markets. We intend to capture the emerging bond market through underwriting SME bonds as well as have desk for trading of SME bonds in the secondary market.
  • Equity capital markets
    We have excellent experience in equity markets as our team members have managed at least 20 IPOs and covered 100+ companies in the past 5 years. Hence, we can advise both listed and unlisted companies for raising capital at the right time.
    We plan to help companies for raising capital from AIM, LSE listing. We have strong relationship with 7 NOMADs in London along with accounting and law firms to help smooth functioning. We are in process of acquiring merchant banking license for SME IPOs in India
  • M&As
    Hitherto, merger and acquisition is considered a game for big corporate only. However, we believe that SMEs can grow by leaps and bounds through merger and acquisition. We help our SME clients on understanding of commercial rationale, exploring possibilities of synergy, bringing Indian insights and possible risk mitigation in Indian context. With our focused research, we structure a sell side deal to maximise value through our Valuation Support. Similarly we provide seamless teams for buy side advisory and executing sale processes, implementation and closing support.
  • Corporate Finance
    With our dedicated team at Varhad, we provide end to end solutions for term financing- rupee/foreign currency, restructuring, convertibles/ mezzanine financing, structured finance and project finance. We have strong relationship with all Infrastructure Finance Companies in India as well as project financing teams of commercial banks. We have a team with INR164bn of project and bank loan funding experience.

    We also advise balance sheet build up for rating migration over long term as well as help in identification of strategic alliances, support existing dialogues and structure and support closures.