Vision & Mission

To pull 1m Indians out of poverty through direct and indirect employment offering sustainable income over the next 10 years. We plan to execute the transformation through 1,000 SGBs, this should include 100 women entrepreneurs and 100 SC/ST entrepreneurs.

  • Pulling 1m out of poverty through 1,000 SGBs by
  •       – SGBs employ poor, creating 200,000 direct employment
          – Implementing Base of Pyramid strategies so that 800,000 poor get indirect employment
          – Making poor partner in the development of SGB as well as equity partner

  • Investing USD40bn in SGBs in a big way to meet sustainable development goals by 2023
  •       – Investing USD5bn in equity in SGBs through SGB funds
          – Investing USD25bn in debt in SGBs through banks and debt/social funds
          – Investing USD10bn in hybrid capital for SGBs

  • Set new ESG standards that can be easy to implement for SGBs globally